Optimal Performance On and Off the Track


LungForceCarActionIowa-600Have you ever considered “owning” your own professional sports team?  Good news! The world of motorsports can provide a wealth of marketing opportunities for essentially any type of business, prospective advertisers and sponsors. All are often overwhelmed by the sheer volume of moving parts associated with a comprehensive sponsorship program. The goal in aligning partnerships is to find the right race, car driver, team and sponsor; a philosophy that will result in optimal performance on and off the track. An exclusive focus on motorsports can provide sponsors with the most experience, and knowledge available. Opportunities exist in the exciting world of motorsports-NASCAR, Indy, Formula One, United Sports Car, etc. The exposure on NBC, Fox and ESPN is expanding the fan base and the affordable buy-ins are now. Through sponsor opportunities you can “own” a team, driver or an event. Among the possibilities are:

  • Race Team Sponsor: Picture your name on the race car and all the team uniforms. Then picture your car racing past the TV cameras at 190 MPH.
  • Celebrity Driver: A driver can be a celebrity spokesperson creating a marketing campaign around your brand.
  • Raceway Events: Publicize your name all over the country. Become the entitlement sponsor and get the naming rights to various major events at prestigious raceways around the country.

So whether it’s NASCAR, Indy, Formula One or United Sports Car, I can help you promote your image, gain market share and increase profitability with a comprehensive sponsorship program designed at 190 MPH. For a playbook on how to create a motorsports marketing plan for your business, call 804-382-9220 or email Lloyd@lloydleitstein.com.