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I am a 30+ year veteran of the publishing, advertising and marketing professions in the corporate, political, public affairs and non-profit arenas. That includes 90% of the time managing my own operations then working for other organizations.

In the publishing business, my focus was the management of consumer, BtoB and Yellow Pages products.

As a marketing consultant, it is my responsibility to manage a client’s image, market share and profitability. Whether creating a public relations strategy, marketing campaign, advertising plan or managing a crisis, the client must always “look good.” 

To meet client needs of PR, marketing and advertising plans, I could assemble teams of account and creatives so the client could increase their market share and profitability. The client base areas included banking, marine, fashion, electronics, automotive and others.

For 11 years, and as an adjunct to my own businesses, I was a political strategist for campaigns and candidates who included management, communications and fundraising.

Crisis management is a relatively new form of marketing. In this age of Twitter, companies need to be image conscious on an ongoing basis. And, my responsibility is to make sure my client doesn’t lose market share and profitability. I conduct regular seminars on crisis management at the University of Richmond School of Continuing Studies,

In 2013 I worked with the American Lung Association Advisory Board of Virginia to launch its first ever Christmas Seals campaign. Now I have the privilege of working with the Lung Association in launching Lung Force.  “Lung Force, led by the American Lung Association, will unite women to stand against Lung Cancer and for lung health.”

Lloyd Leitstein
(804) 382-9220
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