Public Relations Campaigns
Perception is reality. It’s no longer more than just sending out press releases. In this age of Twitter, there needs to be a well-orchestrated campaign of traditional media management, harnessing of social media, personal image management, etc.


Marketing Strategic Plans
Marketing is the complete mix of marketing, budgeting, advertising, public relations — better known as “the marketing mix.” It’s all about image, market share and profitability and creating the right plan for the client.


Advertising Plans
This is a specific discipline that combines creativity and business analysis to create print, broadcast, social, direct, etc. plans as part of a client’s media mix.


Market Share Analysis
Before creating a marketing mix, an analysis of the client’s standing in the market place crucial. Only then can the strategizing begin.


Motor Sports Marketing
A multifaceted approach to marketing sponsorship opportunities for essentially any type of business that wants to enjoy some of the world’s top high performance events.


Crisis Management
Can a company survive a crisis? No company or organization is immune to crisis – Giftgate, Bridgegate, GM ignition problems, etc. It strikes every type of business. Workplace violence, destructive acts of nature, the unexpected death of an executive, fire, accidents, and product recalls pose unforeseen threats and business interruptions. Crisis management is a relatively new field of marketing. How a company handles a crisis is more important than the crisis itself. Speed, transparency and commitment to managing a crisis speak volumes about how the crisis company is judged. Many experts agree that bad news, even toxic press, can be survived if organizations are image conscious on an ongoing basis. Public perception is very important to a company and sometimes more important than the bottom-line.

Using my own case studies, real world and personal experiences, I counsel organizations with implementable strategic skills and the knowledge base needed to immediately implement a crisis communication plan. I provide this service for any size or any type of organization.

I created and teach seminars in crisis management at the University Of Richmond School Of Continuing Studies. (

There is more market data available than ever before. A lot more. And while all this data is meant to inform decision-making, it can often overwhelm instead, Edgeset Marketing provides a fresh approach to big data analytics. Exclusively through Edgeset Marketing, marketers can utilize TORCH software developed by Torch Research LLC to capitalize on new markets, position product offerings competitively, boost performance, and maximize ROI. For a demo contact: Lloyd Leistein,

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Crisis Management